Differences Between Personal and Social Morality

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  • Published : November 7, 2011
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It is reported that there were demonstrations and encounters between Germany’s Nazis and Anti-Nazis social movements in 1st of May 2010 and, as a result, Hitler’s ideology seems still has influence on people’s morality after almost 65 years of the end of World War II. Such circumstances can be caused by diversity of ideologies and dissimilar interpretation of morality. Morality is a complex philosophic category which determines human behavior and ethics. There are two types of morality – social and personal, and this essay will discuss some of their differences such as discrepancies of system of values and individuals’ behavior. The most difference between the social and personal moralities is their systems of values. Contemporary values of social morality have been built on the basic principles of democracy such as freedom, transparency, fairness and equal opportunities. In contrast, the personal morality, primarily, based on autocracy, intolerance to other views and dictatorship which can be caused by the system of individual values. For instance, the values of Adolf Hitler -, were limited to the theory of Aryan people’s superiority, which characterized them as the world’s dominating nation and, consequently, inevitability of absolute power over other ones. Therefore, Hitler as an autocratic leader of the Nazi Party and chancellor of Germany formed its public and foreign policy in terms of his personal belief. The diversity of material and spiritual values effects on human behavior. As it has been mentioned above the social morality has been formed as a framework of people’s behavior in democratic and liberal cultures in which everyone has equal capacities to carry out own potential to achieve excellent results and equal political and civil rights. Alternatively, the personal morality, due to its orientation on personal beliefs, cannot accept equal opportunities for all people. Accordingly, it affects on human behavior system in which people have unequal...
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