Difference of Normality

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“Difference of Normality”
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Everyone has different opinions about what normal is. In some cultures, killing a human being is normal while in other tradition it is taught not to harm any animal. “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson shows that the tradition of killing someone for the crops is normal but to many people these traditions are very abnormal. This is because they are willing to kill another person for their own needs. What is normal to them is very abnormal to us.

Adults accept this “Lottery” just as if it were any other custom, they make it seem normal. The text states, “[T]he men began to gather surveying their own children, speaking of planting and rain, tractors and taxes. They stood together, away from the pile of stones in the corner.” (Jackson 1) This shows that they are only focused on what is going to happen after this event, and not the fact that there is a pile of stones right beside them that are going to be tossed at them or their loved ones. Mrs. Hutchinson, a mother, had “clean forgot what day it was” even though her own child could be picked for the “Lottery”. This shows the lack of interest to this event making it seem like a normal day to forget. Even Mr. Summers, the drawer for the “Lottery”, does not care as he states, “guess we better get started, get this over with so’s[sic] we can get back to work”. He will be the one drawing who will be killed after this event, however he does not care. He just wants to go back to his daily routine like everyone else. This is yet another example of the emotions put towards this event by the adults. The adults treat this “Lottery” as a normal event and do not care about the possible outcomes; it is like any other day to them.

Children are heavily prejudiced caused by the way the adults act towards the annual lottery. This shows that the annual “Lottery” seems as normality. Children take part in the “Lottery” as, “Bobby Martin already stuffing his pockets full of stones and the other...
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