Difference Between Modern Vampires and Ancient

Topics: Vampire, Dracula, Bram Stoker Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: September 7, 2012
First off let me state that i am well aware that the plural form of succubus is succubi and that succubi are female demons that try to sleep with men in order to steal their souls but still the analogy is appropos (appropriate)

I for one have recently noted the extreme amount of saturation that the "modern day" vampire has had in todays media. Apparently all due to the books of the twilight series... Now before i start off on this little rant i would like to state that i have not seen this movie or read this book however let me state that i am fairly familiar with it...

If you are not familiar with the history of the vampire... i will not bore you with the details i encourage you to wiki vampire bats... and also a central european king called Vlad the Impaler (approx 12th century i beleive) However i am gonna speak of thevampire the in fictional story sense only. When Bram stoker originally wrote his masterpiece "Dracula" I doubt he had little idea the impact that his story wouldhave on literature... the idea to write of terror and macabre were relatively new things at thetime andit was quite a erotic novel. Although written in 1897 (80 years after Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein") he provided the ground rules for vampires that have endured up until recently.These rules included No reflections, ability to transform into a human, a bat, or a wolf (take that you underworld vamps vs werewolf bitches), Holy relics anditems having a detrimental affect, inability to go out in the sun, and stakesin the hear. Basically he was just one vampire and evil demon living among men, hunting them and just being an all around bad ass. He was the embodiment of evil , Now as a kid i was not one to believe in such monsters, halloween was not celebrated in my household and the whole idea of a vampire that i was exposed to was Count chocula breakfast cereal. Between that and capn crunch's "Soggies" what else was there to be afraid of?

In the 1990's with the advent of anne rices...
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