Difference and Similarity of Silas Marner and Godfrey Cass

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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George Elliot clearly depicts differences and similarities of Silas Marner and Godfrey Cass by using astonishing description of their characterization—especially as Eppie’s fathers. Her description of individual human nature and universal feelings are fabulous and fascinate the readers. George Eliot depicts Silas’s selflessness and Godfrey’s selfishness clearly when Godfrey proposed to adopt Eppie. Even though Silas was afraid of loosing her, he said, “Eppie, my child speak. I won’t stand in your way. Thank Mr. and Mrs. Cass” (170). He accepted to give up his daughter—his treasure—for her benefit. This is the most important and unchanged his personality—as George Elliot states, “Silas was both sane and honest”(6). As a father, Silas has expressed his selfless and earnest love to Eppie for sixteen years. On the contrary, Godfrey felt irritation for unexpected refusal from Eppie and revealed himself as father without thinking about their feelings, because he had decided to adopt her and had believed his proposal would be the best thing for her. Also his desires remained the most important thing for him, and his duty as an Eppie’s father provoked his authority and selfishness (174). Although George Elliot casts doubt on his selfish thoughts for Eppie as “cruel wishes” (159), she does not discredit him. He wanted to do right thing as father’s duty, and he had struggled with his guilty conscience (118,165). Even though George Eliot describes two different character and feelings by Silas and Godfrey, they both express deep and true affection for Eppie because they want her to have the best future. Silas gives her happiness and faithful love while Godfrey provides many material satisfactions as her fathers. Also both men are very sensitive about Eppie. One hand, Silas dreaded loosing his treasure again, but his conscience considered himself as obstacle to Eppie’s future as Godfrey accused (173). And he felt once lost faithful affection from her words. On the other...
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