Topics: Causality, Parent, Doctor Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: February 17, 2013
The title of this film is called Diagnosis Unknown. What makes this film different fom others is that they go into more details and explain more about what the teenagers are really going through.The film is talking about how these 3 teenagers were getting really sick and they couldnt solve what was causing it.

Jenni woke up to use the bathroom and she started feeling nausea and diarrea and a flu. Her parents said it was proably the food she ate that day. At first they taught it was the food at the circus cause it But she wasnt eating much so her parents gave her ice cream that was her favorite. Jen was screaming because her stomach was hurting she was sweating alot she was also fighten. Jenni parents bought her to the hospital immediately and her dad started driving really fast.By the time she reach at the emergency room she started sweating and could barely walk. A next teenager name Amber hits with serious pain and her mom is a cafeteria lady and she told amber she look sick and she should go home. Her dad took her home it was the same diease that is happening to both of them and they are 30 miles away. Jen and Amber was feeling alot of stomach pain. Jen had tenderness over her appendix the doctor need to remove it as soon as possible because it could kill her.The body is using up alot of white cell. The problem began when she was playing softball her mom taught it was cancer. Jen ovaries was enlarge but the doctor doesnt think its cancer. Jen left the hospital beacause she was feeling better but that night she had to go back the pain hits her again. Amber was losing weight and wasnt eating so she went to the hospital the doctor said she is dehydrated but the doctor had no clue what was wrong with her. Amber brother was working on is car and he stared to get dizzy and he was feelin sick. So it can happen to both male and females. Jen went to her cousin wedding the pain hits her again and she was bought to the hospital and the doctor said her ovaries have...
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