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Discover Djerba !!

ocated in the Gulf of Gabes, Djerba is the largest island which is located on the northern end of Tunisia. Djerba is popular among French, German, Italian and Czech tourist. Though the largest city is Houmt-Souk, but there are other important cities like Gightis, Adjim, Bordj Djillidj, El Kantara, Guella, Midoun and many more. These different places in Djerba are famous for Roman sites, sponge-fishing, potter’s village, relaxing resorts and historical monuments.

III- Adjim
Adjim is famous as sponge-fishing center in Djerba. Located south-west from Houmt-Souk, you can take MC 116 which takes you to the Adjim featuring olive trees and palm groves. The place is also the site of ancient Tipasa but has few remains now.


II- Houmt-Souk
Houmt-Souk is the main town of Djerba and is the center of lively markets. Lying on the northern coast, Roman settled down here recognizing its importance and named it Griba which later developed in to a trading center. The market quarter has two sections- one vaulted souk and another for the foodstuffs. You can also visit the Borj el Kebir which is a strong fortress built in the 13th century which was later re-strengthened in the 15th century. The Folk Museum which is also known as the Musée des Arts et Traditions Popularies where you can see the display of traditional colourful costumes, old jewelry, a potter’s workshop, old marriage chests. The museum is the 18th century old beautiful building Zaouia of Sidi Zitouni with charming stalactitic ceilings. One of the rooms of the building displays the old editions of the Holy Koran.


I- Gightis
Gightis is just few distances away from Djorf and Médenine. The architecture style found in the excavation site of Gightis marks the influences of Greek, Egyptian and Punic. The remains that are found in the excavation site belong to the 2nd century. The excavation site features Roman baths, a...
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