Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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In the middle of summer his brother Roderick woke him up telling him he missed all of summer and he was dressed as if he was going to school so Greg woke up got dressed and was making breakfast and then his dad yelled at him because it was 3:00am. Then it was finally time for school to actually start. He was starting to wonder why they put tiny people who haven’t hit growth spurts yet in a school with these giants. Greg goes outside to see if they still have the cheese out on the ground which was rotten and was there since last spring and then it started this thing called the cheese touch. Then they have a wrestling unit and Greg or Rowley didn’t know how to wrestle so they played games to figure out. But then when they figured out that he was talking about something totally different. Then Greg is light so he was put in a weight class with Freggley. And Freggley is weird he even has a different language. So Greg thinks he can beat up Freggley But he was totally wrong Freggley beat him up every time. And then one day Greg and Rowley went to a haunted house so they made the decision to make their own haunted house. They made this scary plan but they couldn’t do it all because of time. But as soon as they got started Rowley’s dad made them stop. Then they went Trick-or-Treating. And they didn’t get much because there dad and baby brother was with them.
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