Diane Sawyer

Topics: Diane Sawyer, Deep Throat, Richard Nixon Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Diane Sawyer

To many people, Diane Sawyer is simply just a woman who delivers the morning news. They don’t think about her background or education, or how much hard work and dedication she has put in to reach her level of success. I however, have taken the time to find out more about Diane, and I have found her biography to be very inspiring.

Lila Diane Sawyer was born on December 22, 1945 in Glasgow, Kentucky to E.P. Sawyer and Jean W. Dunagan. Not long after her birth, the family decided to move to Louisville, where Diane spent the next several years of her life. A significant year in Diane’s young adulthood was 1963. She not only graduated from Seneca High School that year, but also won the “America’s Junior Miss” scholarship pageant.

Upon graduating from high school, Diane attended law school at the University of Louisville for one semester. She quickly decided that law wasn’t for her, and transferred to Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She graduated from Wellesley in 1967 with a degree in English, and started her journalism career as a weather girl at WLKY-TV in Louisville.

In 1970, Diane left the broadcast scene for a while and took a job as a press aide to the Nixon administration. She worked at this job until 1974, when President Nixon was forced to resign from the presidency after the Watergate Scandal. Even after Diane was accused of being the Deep Throat during the Watergate Scandal, she remained close with the former president, and went on to help him write his memoirs. She is said to be a big Nixon fan to this day.

In 1978, Diane jumped back into broadcasting and became a political correspondent for CBS. She did this job until 1981, when she became a co-anchor of the CBS Morning News. Her most notable spot on CBS though, was on 60 Minutes, where she was the first female co-anchor. A quote by Sawyer reveals her real feelings about journalism, “The most fun is getting paid to learn things”(BrainyQuote).

As her career took off,...
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