Dian Foossey

Topics: Gorilla, Dian Fossey, Louis Leakey Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Dian Fossey
Dina Fossey was viewed as a hero, because she was one of the best top American zoologists in the world who for 18 years studied gorillas in Rwanda with Louis Leakey. She was viewed by many not just as a hero but as a role model. She had all the determination to save and protect the apes, to study the apes and just risking her life to see and study them, and most likely just viewed by many others in the need of reference to find out more about the apes. She traveled to Africa and met anthropologist Louis Leakey and that’s when her first encounter with the apes was and she fell in love with them. Her journey to Africa was one different thing she wouldn’t ever forget. An important reason why Dian is referred to as a hero is by how much bravery as a person to the research of the gorillas and risking her life to see the gorillas. Dian Fossey believed that “the more you learn about the dignity of the gorilla the more you want to avoid people’ (Margaret Mead). Many thought of her as crazy to be there socializing and just their with the gorillas. Many thought what if like what if the gorillas harmed her. Her new encounters with the apes helped them get used to her and soon met a 2 year old friend ape named Digit (ape). This bond would last and to this it helped gain advantage to learn more. Dian Fossey felt it was important to protect apes because of so much poaching and killing of the apes. Fossey was determined to save them as best as she could. “Dian Fossey brought Rwanda’s mountain gorillas to fame’’. (Stephan Laugren). With help by others she managed to create a foundation and zoos to save the “gentle giants”. She had made this gorilla fund a great positive way to making a step for the species and their survival. Her care for the gorillas was great because we were concerned of the issues of having to gorillas killed or hurt in any possible way. People saw animals everywhere can be helped as well just like the gorillas because it was a concern to save...
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