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PROCUREMENT ETHICS COURSE for MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT YEAR ONE 2010/2011 Academic Year. Workshop topics (20) and Questions (10) carry 30% of coursework Marks. 10% of the marks shall be preserved for a short survey that will be conducted by students in April, 2010  | Name| Reg No |  |  |  Workshop topics, Questions and presentation Date| 1| Adoko Denis Abongo| 2010/HD/10/| 2775| /U| Topic:  Moral reasoning in Ugandan PDE’sQuestion: “An ethic of caring conflicts with morality because morality requires impartiality”. Discuss this criticism of an ethic of caring.Presentation Date: Wednesday February 09, 2011 (7.00pm -7.30pm)| 2| Aguti Patricia| 2010/HD/10/| 2628| /U|  Topic: Determinants of unethical Decision behavior in procurementQuestion: Discuss the utility of survival of the fittest in Ugandan public procurement: Survival Social DarwinismPresentation Date: Wednesday February 09, 2011(7.30pm -8.00pm)| 3| Ahimbisibwe Matsiko Maguru Emmanuel| 2010/HD/10/|  | /U| Topic: Moral cognition and Moral Action: A critical review of literatureQuestion: Can the PPDA Act and the corporate code promote ethical behaviourPresentation Date: Wednesday February 09, 2011(8.00pm -8.30pm)| 4| Akankwatsa Sam| 2010/HD/10/| 3297| /U| Topic: Influences of issue related and social context factors on moral awareness of procurement officersQuestion: Using real life situations Discuss how Uganda can Improve Governance and Fight Corruption in ProcurementPresentation Date: Wednesday February 16, 2011 (7.00pm -7.30pm)| 5| Akoth Hellen| 2010/HD/10/| 2791| /U| Topic: A pro-social perspective of whistleblowing among procurement staff Question: “Ethics has no place in business” Discuss this statementPresentation Date: Wednesday February 16, 2011(7.30pm -8.00pm)| 6| Amoding Agnes| 2010/HD/10/| 2713| /U| Topic: Ethical decision making by members of the procurement evaluation committees’: An Issue contingent Model Question: “Kohlberg views on moral development show that the more morally mature a person becomes, the more likely it is that the person will obey the moral norms of his/her society” Discuss this statementPresentation Date: Wednesday February 16, 2011(8.00pm -8.30pm)| 7| Amoding Fiona Gloria| 2010/HD/10/| 2900| /U| Topic: Moral reasoning and Moral conduct of public procurement staff.Question: Every principle of distributive justice, whether that of the egalitarian, or the capitalist, or the socialist, or the libertarian, or of Rawls, in the end is illegitimately, advocating some type of equality” Do you agree or Disagree? ExplainPresentation Date: Wednesday February 23, 2011 (7.00pm -7.30pm)| 8| Arinaitwe Esther| 2010/HD/10/| 3044| /U| Topic: The influence of ethical reasoning on leader effectiveness: An empirical study of procurement staff.Question: “An ethic of virtue implies that moral relativism is correct, while an action-centred ethic does not” Do you agree or disagree? ExplainPresentation Date: Wednesday February 23, 2011(7.30pm -8.00pm) | 9| Bukenya Jacob Freddie| 2010/HD/10/| 3246| /U| Topic: “Corporate codes of ethics in Ugandan PDEs: an empirical investigation of use, content and attitudes”,Question: should PDEs, classified as parastatals involved in commercial business (like National Housing and construction, New Vision etc) follow the PPDA Act? Why or why not? What changes need to be made to the PPDA Act to accommodate PDEs of a commercial nature?Presentation Date: Wednesday February 23, 2011(8.00pm -8.30pm) | 10| Ecwinyu Stephen| 2010/HD/10/| 2726| /U| Topic: Perceptions of Discrimination and Justice in Ugandan Public Procurement.Question: With the help of any available information on CHOGM procurement related activities, identify the behaviors that are ethically questionable. Evaluate the ethics of these behaviors. Presentation Date: Wednesday March 02, 2011 (7.00pm -7.30pm) | 11| Ejolu Sam|...
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