Topics: High school, University, College Pages: 1 (420 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Brandon Stahlbush
Final Essay

Finals for The College Students
In the end of the semester, many students are exhausted, same with the professors, everyone is tired. It’s the time of the year when students just don’t really feel like doing the work anymore. They get lazy, and professors are getting mad at their students, because they’re not doing as good as the professors would have wanted. Professors want to see their students succeed; it makes them like they have done a job well done of teaching their students. There is a common theme in colleges nowadays many students have stopped attending classes. Many students don’t follow the most basic of instructions, many don’t even complete assignments. Some aren’t even showing up to do final presentations, which means they will not graduate. Many of the professors are getting saddend by the number of the students who will not pass the courses. The professors take on this whole subject of the students not showing up to close is students just don’t care anymore. My personal take on this issue is I think that the reason the students don’t show up to class is they spend way too much time partying and not doing their school work. They are most of the time out getting high and drunk to care about going to classes. What I think is going on is that many of the students on campus are to hung-over or high to go to class. I think college students pay money on college and then decide not to put forth the effort to succeed because they just want to get away from their parents rules and become and independent. I think the students think that college is a waste of time and don’t want to take the time to succeed and get passing grades because all they want to do is party. A lot of students think the classes that they are taking are going to be easy at first but then they end up not being easy as they thought and just get lazy and don’t want to go anymore. Some students think that just because they paid...
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