Topics: Superman, Marvel Comics, Green Lantern Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Alexie, the author of “Superman and Me” distinguishes himself as feeling as if he was the superman in a unique way of describing the actions. This essay portrays Alexie talking about how important books are to him and how they have made him reach a point in his life where he feels the power to be a superhero. However this may seem arrogant, the strategies of his style are uniquely noticeable and also show examples on why he feels heroic.

“I was seeing the world in paragraphs,” is a very oddly way to explain how to see the world, but he’s not literally talking about the world. He is simply describing how in an essay paragraphs have their own subject and are different. Just as the world has many different countries with many different people within these countries. Paragraphs are a unique and great metaphor to use to describe people, because just like a paragraph a person has a purpose to be a part of something awesome, like an essay.

Alexie believes that he can reach out to the Indian kids that sit in the back of the classroom. He arrogantly believes this because he has already reached out to many others but, he believes he can reach the difficult ones too. Just as he assumed that “Superman was breaking down the door” and as he just made the words in his mind from the book say “Superman was breaking down the door.” This is all repetitious just as how he arrogantly believed that the comic book was written as superman was breaking down the door he arrogantly believes that he himself can break down the door [students].

“I am smart. I am arrogant. I am lucky. I am trying to save our lives.” This is a great way to end the essay because he uses parallelism to show how he feels. Throughout the essay he gives examples of how he feels like superman and these examples are being exactly like a hero. Being a superhero doesn’t always have to be violent and doesn’t always have to be about fighting a villain. A superhero can also just save people from...
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