Dexter Morgen- Vigilante Serial Killer

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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License To Kill

To those who disagree with the stance of fictional vigilantly heroes such as Dexter Morgan, in effort to convince them that the vigilante’s actions have earned society's full support, the offenses commonly lain against them will be disproved and a new perspective will be given to support them. Dexter is a serial killer in Miami, FL from Dexter, a series on Showtime; however Dexter only kills murderers. Dexter is considered a felon and his actions are a capitol offense. Many would consider that grounds for Dexter to be thrown into jail, or even face death-row. But look at all the murder we allow and encourage today. Our military is trained to kill America's enemies. While not everyone approves of war and while no one enjoys it, war is a part of our past and will be a part of our future. If nothing else, war must be accepted. Killing has gone on since the beginning of human history- whether that is Cain and Able, or the war between Sumer and Elam. Who gets to decide who is an enemy of America? The obvious answer is Congress. But Congress is a group of elected officials here to serve its people. Our government of the people, by the people, and for the people is created for us. So ultimately we decide who our enemies are. We the people decided who we go to war with- who we kill. How do we decide who is an enemy of America? There are many acceptable answers such as: any one who threatens our interests, any one who disagrees with our laws, or any one who attacks our country. September 11, 2001 a terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda attacked America by sending planes through the World Trade Centers in New York and the Pentagon in Virginia. Al-Qaeda unjustly killed 3,000 Americans and American's justly kill people like this every day. If killing and war are accepted responses to threats posed against the way we live, then who makes the distinction between what killing is just and when killing is necessary. The answer is simple- the law. This topic...
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