Devil in a Blue Dress

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Ashleigh McCloskey
Professor Conaway
Midterm Essay
Comparing the Sun to the Moon
Easy Rawlins from Devil in a Blue Dress was a black private detective. He was a man who worked for what he had. Unlike most of the African American population, he had his own house, but he was lacking money. Rawlins did not have a steady job so when a man came along proposing work, he immediately took it. This is much different from the amateur detective, Sherlock Holmes, in “Silver Blaze.” In “Silver Blaze” the story opens up with Holmes talking to his partner, John Watson, about leaving to go to King’s Pyland so he could involve himself in an investigation involving a murder and a missing horse. Watson then thought to himself, “I was not surprised. Indeed, my only wonder was that he had not already been mixed up in this extraordinary case, which was the topic of conversation through the length and breadth of England.” The difference between Rawlins and Holmes was Easy Rawlins needed the job; Sherlock Holmes just loved to be presented with a challenge.

Rawlins and Holmes come from two very different backgrounds. For example, Rawlins stemmed from the rough, racist streets of Los Angeles while Holmes came from London, England with a good reputation. Because of this, their moral compasses were slightly different. Rawlins believed in getting the job done. He did not want to hurt anyone, but he will did what he needed to do. Holmes did not need to be rough because he had his intelligence to rely on. Sherlock Holmes is definitely not a criminal, and Rawlins is not a criminal per say. Rawlins will just take care of the people or things that cross his way when needed. Because of his rough nature and the color of his skin, Easy Rawlins is an easy target for the police. Throughout the movie, Devil in a Blue Dress, the police play an intimidating role. First they pick Rawlins up for a crime he didn’t commit; the murder of Coretta James, his lover. Then they keep on coming back...
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