Developmental Psychology and Berger

Topics: Developmental psychology, Erik Erikson, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development Pages: 3 (1289 words) Published: April 26, 2013

I observed a video titled “Emily As Cashier”. In the video, I observed a girl named Emily. She’s less than 3 years old. The setting was in their kitchen with a table and chairs. Emily was in the middle chair while her mom and dad sat beside her. In the middle of the kitchen table, there was Emily’s red cash register toy and a white bag. The video started while Emily was pressing her toy. She then pulled out clothes from the white bag which she got help from her mother. She stated “ok” to start the transaction, even though it was babbled. She first grabbed a pair of blue jacket and blue pants and she then scanned it at its tag. After scanning two times, she then checked to see the scanner, and scanned it a couple of times in her face. She said in not very clear words, “it’s 1.34!” a couple of times, she then said “daddy look, it’s 1.34”. The dad said ok to her. Emily put the shirt and the pants in the opposite corner. After that, she grabbed a second shirt. It is a blue with white stripes long sleeves. The shirt was attached to a pair of pants but it came off. She scanned once it in its tag again and put it on the opposite side. She next grabbed the pants that were paired with the long sleeves but she couldn’t find any tag on it. She asked her dad “where it is” and her dad explained to her that “it goes with this one, it’s a two piece”. After that, she scanned again the long sleeves shirt, and then scanned the pair of pants without the tag. She scanned the pair of pants 4 times. She babbled the price and said it’s 1.23. The last thing she grabbed was the white shirt and she scanned it 3 times. As she finished scanning everything, she then calculated it. She kept pressing her cash register toy. Her dad said, “get the money out” and that’s what she did. The video ended while she put the money into her mouth to close the cash register toy.

A toddler entering the preschool years is a fast pace with growing and learning. The child...
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