Development Strategies and Policies of the Russian Government: Toward Growth and Innovation Theory Paper

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Research Problem and Results
This paper is written to show the role of the Russian government in development of innovation growth in Russian Federation.. To show the role and the part of governmental intervention in development of innovation I would use some official statistic data. From it we could see that the role of the government in this sphere is big. To show and clarify the potential role of innovation policy in enhancing long-term productivity growth in Russia I would refer to the paper of Christian Gianella and William Tompson. The main problem – is to show, what is wrong in Russian Government’s strategy of developing innovation. Why the strategy does not work as it should? But for this I would introduce the past and absolutely new “The strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation” and would try to distinguish the role of government in this question. (As “The strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation till 2020 “is not published yet, I would refer to its project, which was approved by Russian Government in November 2011 and will be published soon) In this paper I would refer to some papers and a works that are connected to this question and a in the very end would introduce my point of view about the mistakes of the government and the reasons of not proper way of working the strategy, what is not rights in sphere of influence of government and in financing the innovation in my point of view.

1. Boosting innovation: the role of government
Thought Russia is one of the biggest country in the world, thought it has a great potential and huge resources (human, technical and natural) it does not use it in a proper way in the sphere of innovation. The part of exports of Russian high-tech products in the world is now holds only 0.35 % (Table 2).And it is not enough for country witch want to position itself as one of the developed and ponderable country in the world. The reason of such a small share begins from the historical events in Russia. The changing of system, different governments, unstable economic, political and social situation especially in the 90-s made there business – the country had too many problems, it had no time for innovations. But times chanced, and from 2000-s Russia started to pay more attention on R&D, the government tried to build new strategies and concepts to boosting the development of innovation .So, what did Russian government make? As I have mentioned , the historical event made Russia too weak to be a real serious player on the world’s innovation market. As a result , government had to make not only the standard procedures of boosting the innovation ,but also the extra tasks: “improving framework conditions for innovation, strengthen the mechanisms for inter-ministerial co-ordination on innovation issues, remove specific regulatory impediments to innovation, remove uncertainties regarding intellectual property rights (IPR), define a pro-innovation procurement policy”[4]. The government started to provide the active social and political activity to attract the attention for this question. The expanses for innovation development and growth from the federal budget became more and more higher with every year. The subsidies and grants for inventions, researches ad innovation development became more popular and bigger. The barriers in international exchange of the technologies were reduced. The government started to realize the importance of innovation and began to direct more attention on this question But the role of Russia in innovation field in the world was anyway small. If to refer to the Table 1 we can see ,that the share of Russia is not big (especially taking to the attention the huge sides and human resources of the country). The big steps have be done to achieve the goal of Russia to be independent in the questions of innovation and be possible to dictate its own...
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