Development of Science and Technology

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Every Technology handled by the Law of land in proper manner, in that matter There is no second thought. At present stage Nano Technology boomed with the help of Indian Patent Act , 1970 ( Amended 2005 ) . Compared with West , India put its step in to this technology very earlier. For example* , a clear evidence that Carbon Nano technology existed centuries before in the Sothern part of India and Exported from the First century AD. This kind of Carbon Nano Technology Mixed Swords used up to the period of Tipu Sultan ( The Tiger of Mysore ) , included it in his weaponry against the British.

Nano technology is the manipulation of matter at the Atomic level and it has the Potential for Energy efficiency** . For upgrading this technology , Patent is n essential part in providing protection to the inventor however the same turns futile if it is not properly granted or the patents so granted are overlapping with others. This synopsis attempts to address the issues of lack of knowledge and expertise in the field of Nano technology which act as possible road blocks in examining patent application for Nano technology inventions ***.

Key words :
Nano Technology, Energy, and Patent.

*P.48, Nano Digest, December, 2009.
** P.132m Civil Service Chronicle, May 2010
*** Hard Copies related with published Nano Patents Applications ( All Intellectual Property Offices in India ).

Now it has been a accepted fact that the developments in Science and Technology are always steps ahead of Laws framed for regulating the technologies as a result of which the in the absence of a well defined regulatory frame work act as the Frankenstein Monster having enormous potential for Good as well as Evil*. In the light of this back ground, My work addresses the need to adopt a proactive approach as regards Patenting Nano Technology in India. So that Nano Technology can be used for Maximum benefit to Flora , Fauna , Human and Environment in the name of Green and Sustainable development.

Significance of the study

Global Nano Patent race is emerged from USA ( Nano Patents & Publications ), Europe ( German takes lead ) , Japan and South Korea. A Key tribute to the Nano Patent race ( At Global level ) is fixed with the role of Universities as the ‘Locus of innovation’* *. Vis-a-Vis the Global Patent landscape, Indian Nano Patents constitute a very small share, though there has an increase in both Publications and Patents over the period 2004 – 2011.

Key Words :

Frankenstein Monster, Sustainable development, Global Nano Patent and Locus of innovation.

* John Lesile’s “ The end of World : The Science and Ethics of Human Extinction”.

** Work shop on Intellectual Property Rights in Nano Technology, TERI, January 2010.


2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 ORD 2,505 3,168 3,347 3,249 4,056 4,653

NP 4,830 6,057 7,255 7,748 8,669 9,973

Total 7,335 9,225 10,602 10,997 12,725 14,626

Req. 5,936 5,008 7,168 8,235 9,863 10,965

INT.AP 157 206 320 267 302 335

Within that, 290 Nano Patent Applications published and 21 Nano Patent Granted ( 11 National Phase + 10 National )....
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