Developing Reading Habits.

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When we think of habits we often times think of those negative nagging things we do that we don't want to, or know we shouldn't. But, believe it or not there are such things as 'good' habits things that enhance your life, sharpen your mind, and bring fulfillment every time they are successfully carried out. I believe that reading is one of those habits that if developed in a persons life will bring great satisfaction, and sense of accomplishment to the reader. Two things to note: 1) A reading habit is 'developed' it doesn't happen over night. 2) They say it takes 6 weeks to develop a lasting habit, but only two to break it (that doesn't refer to addictions, but to habits). .Difficulty: Easy

Instructions.Things You'll Need:
One book mark that you can write on
A goal
A book
Time (between 10-30 minutes)
Set a time or two times during every day that you will read. For example in the morning with a cup of coffee, in the after noon at a lunch break, first thing after work, in the evening after the kids are down. I do not suggest making it the last thing you do before you go to bed. I say pick tow times that way if you miss the first you have a back up time, or if you're not able to dedicate the whole allotment of time to the first you can make it us during the alternate time.

Purpose or determine to read 10 pages everyday. If you're new to this I suggest starting with ten pages, if you have accomplished this then move up to 15 or 20 pages a day. Two things that will happen are; you will develop a reading habit and you will read roughly 12 books in a year. That's why I suggest the book mark that you can write on, so you can keep track of all the books you read in a year's time.

The last step is don't give up. Even if you miss a day or two, or maybe a week because of a hectic schedule, don't give up. Stick with the plan, and sooner or later you will develop a reading habit and you will find yourself more informed, mentally sharper, and more...
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