Determination of Amount of Phosphorus Content in Different Brands of Fertilizers Proposal

Topics: Ammonia, Water, Nitrogen Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: January 28, 2013

Investigative study

Title: Determination of amount of phosphorus content in different brands of fertilizers

Objective: To determine the amount of phosphorus in different brands of fertilizers

Beakers(250 cm3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Measuring cylinder(10cm3)------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Measuring cylinder(100cm3)----------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Suction filtration set-up -----------------------------------------------------------------------1 Glass rod ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Spatula ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Filter paper --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Several Stand and Clamp ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------1

Magnesium sulphate-7-hydrate--------------------------------------------------------------18g 2.0M ammonia solution-------------------------------------------------------------------500cm3 75% propanal-2-ol----------------------------------------------------------------------------20cm3 Distilled water--------------------------------------------------------------------------------a bottle Fertilizer A,B and C ------------------------------------------------------------------------15g each

1. Weigh about 3 grams of fertilizer and dissolve it in about 50cm3 of distilled water in a 250cm3 beaker. 2. Weigh 50cm3 of 2.0M ammonia solution with a 100cm3 measuring cylinder and pour it into the beaker with dissolved fertilizer. 3. Measure about 6 grams of Magnesium sulphate-7-hydrate and dissolve it in 250cm3 of distilled water in a 250cm3 beaker. 4. Add the dissolved Magnesium sulphate-7-hydrate slowly with stirring until no more...
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