Determination of Acetic Acid in Vinegar Lab Report

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Thermal chemistry was intended to display that chemical reaction and phase changes involve energy. The energy of heat was presented when a change in temperature difference was evaluated. Chemical reactions in a calorimeter were used to determine the amount of heat produced by a reaction. Reactions that absorb heat were noted as endothermic, and reactions that release heat were noted as exothermic. These principals were based off of Hess’s Law. The goal of the experiment was to monitor chemical reactions using a calorimeter to monitor changes in temperature. The changes in temperature were to be used to find the amount of heat released or absorbed.



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Calculation for determination of q:
q = ms∆T

Hess's Law-type calculation
ΔH = ΔHproducts – ΔHreactants
J = g x [ J / ( g x ° C ) ] x ° C
Calculation for Heat Change
=1104.56 Joules


Result Table Part II A-D

Part A15ml H₂O+ 25ml NaOH+ 20ml HCl
Part B34ml H₂O+25ml HCL+ 1g NaHO
Part C59g H₂O+ 1g NaOH
Part D10ml H₂O+ 25ml NaOH+25ml HOA

PARTInitial TempatureFinal TempatureChange in Tempature∆H Part A24.2C30.1C5.9C1481.136 J
Part B24.7C28.5C3.8C0953.952 J
Part C24.0C28.4C4.4C1104.56 J
Part D24.8C30.2C5.4C1355.616 J


The experiment consisted of taking various amounts of the reactants, putting them into a calorimeter to monitor changes in temperature. The: Initial, Final, and Change in temperature, were used to calculate the amount of energy released or absorbed by using Hess’s equation. The goals of the experiment were met. Part I ended with a chart of all the...
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