Determinants of Sports Team Behavior

Topics: Leadership, Negotiation, International Cricket Council Pages: 16 (4934 words) Published: January 10, 2008

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From the problem statement, we broke down our project analysis into different sections. For those sections, we tried to locate Prominent Cases which would be of relevance to the respective sections. We then studied Academic journals available and other available sources on the inter net to understand the concept of the importance of behavior and interpersonal dynamics behind the workings of sports teams. These concepts were then applied to the cases to get better insights. All the data used in the study were secondary data. 4. ANALYSIS:

a.INTRODUCTION: RELEVANCE OF SUCCESSFUL SPORTS TEAM BEHAVIOR Sports teams can shed some useful insights into the workings of any team. The stakes involved and the speed of implementation of plans, and the outcomes in form of a win or loss evoke emotions of a wide range, and an observation of these emotions can be very useful in understanding the human psyche in various situations of life, and various stages of a...
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