Detecting Media Bias

Topics: Critical thinking, Bias, Mortgage Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Detecting Media Bias
Alyssa Mathews
April 8, 2012
Helen Leonard MC LPC

Critical evaluations of news stories can be very important to getting the whole story. Using critical thinking and reading skills is the key to understanding everything that is being discussed in the news report. In the report of Strictly Business: Spring, and recovery, in the air, critical evaluation is needed understand every aspect of the story. Skimming, reflecting, reading, evaluating, and then making judgment is important when reading this article. The story about the recovering real estate market in Vancouver, Washington provided a clear report on the message that the author was trying to get across. The depth is on point in that it includes statistics straight from a broker from Windermere Real Estate Stellar Group in Vancouver (Joner, 2012), and statistics from year-over-year pending sales, closed sales, and mortgages in foreclosure. Reflecting on opinion of the topic helps to determine if any information from the report is missing. The author included every aspect from closed sales to foreclosures, as well as commercial sales, there isn’t much else that could be covered to prove that spring is bringing a flourishing start to real estate sales over last year. Critical evaluation helped to determine what I know about the subject and rule out that the general aspects were all covered. As far as covering worldviews, there wasn’t any. The author could have done some research and included if this is a trend that is occurring all around or just in Clark County. Another alternate perspective could have been an actual report or interview from someone in the real estate business saying whether or not they feel as though their portion of economic contribution is really getting better. When critically evaluating, it is very important to consider the source. This is necessary in determining how accurate the statistics provided are. In Strictly Business, Joner did...
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