Detailed Summary of a Man Named Dave

Topics: Mother, Parent, Foster care Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: October 11, 2011
Detailed Summary of a Man Named Dave

A Man Named Dave is the third installment of Dave Pelzer's life. It tells the story of Dave Pelzer struggling to get money and to survive in society and how he tries to overcome his memories of being abused as a child. For those who haven’t read the first two books (The Child Called It, and The Lost Boy) this book starts with Dave remembering the last day of abuse with his mother on March 4, 1973. He describes being hit in the throat with a broom, pushed down steps and choked; he was then rescued on March 5, 1973. His childhood years with his mom, who is entitled as ‘The Mother’, were the most abusive years any child could imagine; but that was all a flashback. There are many spontaneous flashbacks and flash forwards throughout the book. In 1979,as Pelzer flies away from Southern California to join the Air Force in Florida he remembers the time in Foster Care when he had to learn things that even a toddler would know; like what shampoo is used for. After being adopted, Dave receives an endless amount of love from his foster parents, the Turnboughs, who treat him like no one ever has. In his teen years, Dave becomes a workaholic, trying to prove his worth. But unfortunately his work overtakes his education, and he drops out of school. Instead of doing things typical teens would do, Dave would spend long days working; sometimes he worked forty or more hours a week. However, later on Dave works on his education and receives his GED. In boot camp, Pelzer's drill sergeant reminds him of his mother, by the way he demands and barks at everyone. Dave gets even more discouraged when his letters to his father return to him unopened. He dreams of making enough money to buy a home for his father and himself. Even though Dave feels he has escaped his mother, at night he suffers from terrifying nightmares of her. He feels she has control over his dreams. As Pelzer travels back to California, he stresses about seeing his mom and he...
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