Detailed Lesson Plan in Science

Topics: Photosynthesis, Carbon dioxide, Sun Pages: 5 (717 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Detailed Lesson Plan in Science
by: Mary Rose B. Alvaro

A. To identify and analyze the definition of photosynthesis
B. to showcase the process of photosynthesis
C.To inculcate and appreciate the principle of photosynthesis in the life of human existence.

II- Subject Matter
Materials: Visual Aid

III- PROCEDURE: 4a’s method

Teachers activityStudents Activity

A. Activity (approach)

Good morning kindly stand up
And let us pray….In the name of the father… Amen

Checking of attendance…
(introduction, posting the necessary
visual aids on the board)

where do we get one food for our
daily consumption?
Jamaica?We get our supply of food from plants..

Very good Jamaica..
If we depend on plants for our food,
what about the plants? How do they get
their own food?
How about you Eloisa?Plants make their own food through
the process of photosynthesis…

veru good Eloisa…

that is our lesson for today

B. (Activity) ANALYSIS

How do we define the word photosynthesis?
Joy?Photosynthesis- is the process of food making
for plants.

Thank you.

Photosynthesis- comes from the two
greek words; “photo” meaning light
and “synthesis” meaning putting together.
So photosynthesis means
“putting together with light”

According to the meaning of photosynthesis,
I will divide you into three groups each of the
group will analyze the process of photosynthesis.

(5 minutes, preparation and after which,
you will have a presentation of your findings.

You can go outside of the room and observe the plants.
(Group activity)
(After 5 minutes)

Lets start the presentation for group one;(every group will present their works)
Jake? Group one;
These are our findings, and analysis of photosynthesis; Plants need water,
nutrients and the sunlight to make
their own food.

So, for now let us analyze your answers:
From the definition of photosynthesis:
“Putting together with light”

Your answers; plants need water; nutrients
that they absorb from the soil, and combinig
carbon dioxide gas that is found in the air…
Aside from that, plants need energy which
they get from the sunlight- energy from the
sunlight(solar energy) used ) and oxygen.

The by-product of photosynthesis is called glucose
or the sugar.

We have discussed the process of food making;

C-(assessment) APPLICATION

In the process of food making, what do you think is the
most important element in photosynthesis?
anne? For me, the sunlight, the energy that comes from the sun (solar energy) and why? Why is it the sunlight energy that comes from

the sun is the most important?
Joy?Because, solar energy is responsible for the plants in order to bcreate or make carbon dioxide and water that when chemically combined it will result to glucose or sugar, by the product of photosynthesis. Very good joy!!..

So why are most leaves broad and flat?
What do you think is the reason behind?
Ely? They are broad and flat because, leaves are responsible for trapping sunlight and absorb carbon dioxide. The broader the surface the more light it will capture.

Very good Ely..!!

D. Assessment (Application)

In our daily living, how does photosynthesis
affects human existence?

Bela?Photosynthesis is much important not only for plants but also for human. Because another byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen which is vital to human existence.

Very good bela. Another idea?It is very much important because if plants would no longer manufactured their own food,...
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