Designer Babies

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Designer Babies
Designer Babies is a very controversial topic in regard to the moralities involved. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (designer baby) refers to the genetic structure being modified prior to the implantation or even prior the fertilization of the embryo. While a parent may have varying reasons for participating in the procedure, many people question the moral and ethical side of the situation. A common use for designer babies concerns possible uses of gene therapy techniques to create desired traits of a child, such as disease resistance, sex, hair colour and other cosmetic traits, athletic ability, or intelligence. Genetic modification is a concerning topic due to the questioning of moralities. Not only would it concern the parent’s choices and ethics, but in a speculative future, if people were ranked based on whether or not they were genetically engineered, it would create a difficult situation for those who were not. Furthermore, Lee Silver has projected a dystopian like future if genetic engineering were to occur more often.

However, in a scientific view on the topic, it is a great achievement in regards to evolution and the prosperity of the human races in the follows decades. It has also been argued that designer babies may have an important role as counter-acting an argued dysgenic trend. My position on the topic is one of disagreement towards genetic engineering for purely ethical reasons. However, in a purely scientific aspect is an extremely advanced procedure that could open many more opportunities in either the near of distant future. Due to these reasons, I remain impartial on the subject. Genetic engineering can be very beneficial for the upcoming generations. There are risks associated with genetic modifications to any organism. New diseases may be introduced accidentally, however with time and effort, these could be eradicated, effectively “perfecting” the human race. Genetic engineering should only be performed on an...
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