Designer Babies

Topics: Sibling, Chemotherapy, Cancer Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Designer Babies

How would you like your baby to be? Tall, blonde, smart or sporty? There is now technology which enables us to do this. “Designer babies” is now an up and coming technology as more and more people are looking into using it to create their “perfect” child. In this day and age the topic of designer babies is very controversial between people. Some people see it as wrong, that a baby should choose how it lives its life. Not their parent before the baby is even born. Of the U.K’s population doesn’t agree with designer babies, as it’s not the parent’s choice to play with their child’s genetics. However in some cases this is families only option to do this because if they already had a child who need a bone marrow transplant. Scientists can make the siblings match so this designer baby can give some of their own bone marrow to the brother or sister. Most people opinion of creating a designer baby for the purpose of saving another child life is that it’s okay. But only if it’s for these purposes not for cosmetic reasons. It seems if this technology takes off, that we will have a perfect world. Which will make it even harder to get jobs as if everyone is smart then how will people know who is better for the job or if everyone is sporty, who will do all the jobs that require people who are very intelligent. The thing is they don’t know what will happen n the future. There is enough unemployment as it is, never mind adding thousands of smart and sporty people into the mix. On the other hand it is to be said that it can make people live longer. And society thinks if it can make us live longer why it can’t mean that hopefully diseases such as lots of cancers, heart diseases and bowel inconveniences could be wiped out if the genes that give us the diseases are taken out of our future generation before birth. At this point in time they don’t know how the child will turn out later in life. If there is any effects. This is something they don’t know. This is a...
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