Design a Flow Chart for a Process

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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Design a flow chart for a process
Zoey Johnson
University of Phoenix
October 27, 2012

One process that seems to be a never ending process in my daily life is doing laundry. With a household of six people, the laundry needs to be done daily or else it will overtake the house quickly. To help illustrate the laundry process I have used Microsoft Word to create a flowchart that depicts the process. Using flowcharts is valuable because the flow of logic is shown throughout the process. Much like a blueprint for a building, a flowchart depicts the development of a process. Factors that affect the process design

Water temperature and water level are the factors that affect process of the design. Both factors will determine how the laundry gets done. Performing the process design for laundry is broken down into the following steps. 1.) Sort the clothes between whites, light colors, and dark colors 2.) Check that the pockets are empty

a. If pockets are empty move to step 3
b. If pockets are not empty, empty them then move to step 3 3.) Measure out the desired amount of detergent
4.) Pour the detergent into the washer
5.) Determine if fabric softener is needed. If needed, measure and add. If not go straight to step 6 c. Add Fabric Softener
6.) Select water temperature. If clothes are temperature sensitive move to step 7, if not move to step 8 7.) Are clothes durable, like cotton
d. If Yes use hot water
e. If No use cold water
8.) Determine Washing cycle
f. If fabrics are delicate select gentle wash
g. If fabrics are not delicate select normal wash
9.) Adjust the water level per load
10.) Load the clothes into the washer
11.) Turn on washer and wait 35 – 45 minutes for wash cycle 12.) Take clothes out of washer and put into dryer
13.) Turn on dryer and wait 60 minutes
14.) Take clothes out of dryer and fold
For the flow chart design, the oval shapes...
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