Design of Jaw Crusher Paying Attention to Workers Safety

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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To quote a wise crusher operator, Crushing is not just about tons per hour; it's about safe tons per hour.' But consider that a safe workplace is not achieved via mere lip service and signage, but rather from the right mindset--from owners, managers and workers--and from the manufacturers of each piece of processing equipment.

Importantly, manually digging out the crusher before repairs or restarts puts workers in dangerous positions. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has reported numerous injuries and fatalities incurred when climbing in or under the jaw to manually clear, repair or adjust the typical older-style jaw crusher. As such, a welcome market entry is that of modern crusher design, derived from a major impetus to put safety first while also meeting demand for far greater productivity and ease of maintenance.

Whether a crusher is jammed by large material or uncrushable debris, or stalled by a power failure, the chamber must be cleared before restarting. Manual clearing is a lengthy and risky task, especially since material can be wedged inside the crusher with tremendous pressure, and dislodging poses much danger to workers placed in harm's way inside the crusher.

The hydraulic chamber clearing system on the Model 3258 jaw automatically opens the crusher to a safe position, allowing materials to pass. Its hydraulic relief protects parts and components against overload damage, and its hydraulic adjustment reduces maintenance time and maintains safe, consistent crusher output without the need for manual intervention.

Safety is a culture and should be championed by every worker in the operation. At the same time, management should respond immediately to each worker's safety concerns and successes, rather than monitoring only overall team efforts and targets. And, manufacturers should engineer greater safety as well as productivity into their units while accompanying their equipment with strong operational and safety training...
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