Desert Flower (Waris)

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Desert Flower

Every country has their own cultures and traditions, some of the cultures and traditions control us. In Africa, a girl named Waris, she was 3 years old who forced to have a FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) as others girls who had this brutal practice. But, she had no choice to run away from this practice because it’s one of the traditions that the woman has to get circumcision to be a pure girl and virgin until getting married. Waris kept her pain inside of her heart, inside of her body until she grows up and her family decided to marry her to an old man but she escaped from the village to London where she ended up to be a global fashion than fought against FGM.

Waris faced a lot of struggles while she was developing. The Two main things are mentally and physically. Mentally, she kept remember the pain that she had when they circumcised her on a rock in the desert with dirty instruments and aggressive human being who doesn’t have any mercy for those children. In addition, physically, as we all know, females develop menstruation at a young age. As we have seen in Desert Flower the Movie, during Waris menstruation, she kept having a pain in her abdominal area because she developed medical issues including Wound infection, tetanus, syncope, and clotting which inhabited the free flow of blood from her genitalia. Which I think that happened to all female who had FGM and some who had bled to death after the mutilation and some woman who died during childbirth as with Sophia and Amena. Unfortunately, this brutal practice still continues but I’m sure that it will stop one day because nothing that God gives us is unclean.
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