Descriptive Writing

Topics: English-language films, Moon, Key Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: January 9, 2013
In viewing the sublime town, I move at a languid gait, despite the fact that it is midnight. The phase moon is visible as a fully illuminated disc that is encircled by shimmering stars; which creates an atmosphere that makes me feel unravel. Below this stupendous sight is a barren house that is totally in contrast to the scenery above it. The house is dark and is surrounded by white clouds; however the luminous light from the moon shines on this haunted house. Some of the windows are broken while some are cracked and filled with moulds. The roof is large and has several apertures and is falling at the seams. It lacks iridescence as it embeds only one fainted colour – grey. I quiver as the cold breeze blows, and the smell of mist fills the air and the leaves around the house arise. I am now in a state where my mind is not lucid, as I muddle whether I should return home or to continue this haphazard adventure. I succumb to temptation as to continue this journey. I open the door and I hear a creaky din; my heart begins to palpitate. Inside the house, the remains of the damaged furniture are covered with thick blanket of dust. On the walls lie dusty wallpapers and portraits watching my every move. Spiders make massive webs contributing to the cloudy look within the building. Parts of the stairs have been broken and each board creeks as I walk on them. Skeletal remains lie on the ground like carpet and rats and roaches scamper over it. Suddenly, I hear the sounds of crickets and owls hooting within a distance. The palpitation of my heart increase even more when I hear an eerie voice warning me to leave or I will be trapped in.
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