Descriptive Narrative Essay

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Descriptive Narrative Essay

I remember that warm day in May three years ago when my Dad and I went to an auction to buy myself a new car. We were surrounded by people as we stood in the middle of a muddy yard. I was holding a white card with a number on it, waiting for the Mustang I wanted to place a bid on. The auctioneer was a short old man with white wiry hair, two fingers missing on his left hand and the rough voice of a chain smoker. His name was named Mickey. Mickey began to auction off items like a TV, couch, stove, microwave, bed and several other household items. In the meantime I began to inspect the two cars being auctioned off carefully.

One car was a gold 2004 Malibu that had 50,000 miles on it. The car was in great shape and looked like it had no dents or major scratches. The second car was a deep red 2000 Mustang with a black convertible top with 37,000. It was the car I came for but it was not how I pictured it. The Mustang was completely covered with leaves, tree sap, and dirt almost a inch thick on it. The black and grey interior of the car smelled musty and moldy but otherwise looked to be in almost immaculate shape. The car started and ran strong which was a big relief. Looking at the two cars in comparison, the much cleaner Malibu made the Mustang look undesirable for someone interested in a new car.Mickey began the bidding on the Malibu starting at $3,000. Bidders began putting their hands in the air signaling a bid until the bidding stopped at $9,000. Now it was time to begin bidding on the car I wanted. I became very nervous my palms were sweaty and clammy. Mickey stepped up to the dirty car and began the bidding at $2,000. I started bidding along with several other people. The bidding stopped when I put up $5,000, I thought to myself “is this it? Have I won it? ” Mickey shouted “Going once! Going twice!” and then another man in a green coat holding a Dunkin Dounuts coffee bid $6,000. I had to make a quick...
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