Descriptive Mom

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  • Published : April 23, 2011
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In everyday life, people just know the money and material, they don’t know how to consider people’s sentiment and love. Love of parent to their own children but children don’t recognize, they just talk back and yell when their parent tell them about some facts. I’m the same in a thousand of children, don’t listen to parent and mischievous but when I’m grow up I understand how hard parent is how deeply love me.

In Vietnam, when I was a little, my friend and I were on our way to go home. We saw a “skating” sign. Because we still had a lot time and curious, we joined to skating with other people although we didn’t know to play. At first, I fell a lot that my hands and legs strained muscles and scratch. Sometimes, I thought my hands was broken because I prop my hands on the floor whenever I fell. After this, I went home and tell my younger sister that I got hurt from roller skating. She said she will not tell my mom but I have to take her to play whenever I go. It just a secret between us cause we didn’t want our mom had to worry about us. We liked to skate that’s why we practiced every single day after school. A month later, when we slid well, we can slid side to side back and forth. Beside that, it was a time my mom knew it.

A day like all days, my sister and I were walking on the way to skate. We got an accident by motorcycle. My sister was kind of ok, but I was injury, my knees and my elbows were and bleeding. I still was not afraid, my sister and I continue to skating. Because contract and stretch of knees during skating, I really feel hurt at this time then we are going home. When we enter the house, my mom saw my knees bleeding and yelled at us, she said we have to report what happened from the beginning to the end. After she heard the story that we hide from her for a long time, she got angry, she used a long chain like handcuff to lock one leg of mine and one leg of my younger sister for all day. Whenever either one...
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