Descriptive Essay- the Zoo

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  • Published : March 12, 2011
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It was my wife’s birthday, and to surprise her, I took her to the zoo. Many would wonder why the zoo. My wife is a spontaneous and likes adventure. I knew that this would make her day. Although the zoo seemed vacant; life of the animals kept us entertained. God has created a huge amount of animals and they all serve a purpose in their own special way

When we arrived at the zoo, it was so quiet anyone could hear a pin drop. As we approached the first exhibit, which seemed to be an abandoned house, there we spotted a black and brown rope. But the funny thing was, it had fast blinking eyes. As we observed longer, we realized that is was a black and brown cobra! A great amount of people would be afraid of a snake and would question their existence. As we looked at the wooden post near the exhibit, it gave us a description of this creature. We learned that the cobra’s assignment is to reduce the number of mice and other rodents in a particular area. We were surprised by this information, because a snake’s presence has always taken on a negative vibe. We would have never thought that this animal would be as helpful to the environment as it is.

Moments later, we crossed the wooden bridge that rocked every step that we took. It had long strong ropes holding the bridge in place. As we entered into the next exhibit, we noticed a small pond filled with coy fish. Behind the pond there stood humongous rhinoceros. My wife and I noticed that this rhino continued to walk in circles. We felt that the rhino recognized that he was trapped and lonely. His environment seemed to look like Africa, his homeland. He would tread back and forth as if he was trying to release stress. My wife pointed out that this was the only animal that had no mate or family living within the exhibit. When we read the artifact, it helped us understand why the rhino was pacing back and forth. It was because they have poor eyesight. The reason why we did not see any other rhinos is because white rhinos...
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