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My Grandmother's House

My grandmother's house has a very special place in my heart. I lived with my grandmother for many years when I was little. Her house always seemed to have something about it that set it apart from all the rest. When walking in the front door of her house, there is a stairway as long as the Red River. It leads to the main hallway of the house. The strong smell of cigarette smoke would tickle my nose by the time I made it to the hallway.

My grandmother's house was always full of laughter, and many cheers. Our family called it “Central Station”, because that is where everyone would meet for Sunday dinner. Family and friends were always at granny's house. When my granny was having important company, she would tell us to make sure her house was spotless. If we didn't, we knew we would not be able to come out of the big dark room. This room was not where a child would want to be; it was scary. The walls were cover with posters of people who looked as if they were coming to get you.

My grandmother always sat in the kitchen of her house. This is where she would drink her black coffee with no sugar, and smoke her Benson Hedges cigarettes. Sometimes, she would be in the kitchen for hours cooking, so we would have something to eat. Other times she would just sat at the end of the brown wooden table, and look as we ran through her house.

In the swimmer time, my granny would sat out on the sundeck. This was the place where she would go to relax, and get away from everybody. The sundeck had tables and chairs that sat off by themselves, but my granny would always lay on the floor. She said it was more comfortable. We would have parties at night out on the deck.

I will always love, and cherish my grandmother's house. It is the place I go to when I want to get away from the world. I will always remember Central Station for being my home away from home. Living there has taught me how to be responsible, but above all how to love.
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