Topics: Study skills, Homework, Problem solving Pages: 1 (452 words) Published: February 28, 2013
My Biggest Annoyance "Studying"
In my life, I deal a lot with annoying things, but what I find to be the most frustrating is studying. One fact about studying that makes it the most frustrating is homework. Homework without critical questions doesn't exist in AUS, so when doing my homework, I face a lot of critical questions that cannot be solved and I get stuck on them because they need more thinking and effort than the rest of the questions. After sitting for three hours struggling to find solutions for the problems, I am not able to solve them correctly, which really upsets me. Another problem is doing the homework when there is no time to do it. Because of the well-organized schedule given to me by AUS, I arrive home at 8pm, and, by the time I eat and sleep, it's almost 11pm. Therefore, I am forced to stay awake late to complete my homework. What is even more annoying is seeing my brothers sleeping while I am doing my homework. Another fact about studying is that there is not enough time to study. Sometimes my family gets together three or four times in a week, so I barely have time to study. Also, I can't skip any of the family gatherings because I enjoy going there, especially because I get to see my cousins and talk to them. Moreover, sometimes I need to stay awake late because we might have two to three exams in a day, and each exam needs more than four to five hours of practicing and studying. For instance, for my physics midterm I had to stay awake till 6am to finish all the problems to make sure that I understand all the problems, and so I went to my college without sleeping. Finally, the last and most annoying fact about studying is that I don’t have any free time. No free time means that I never have time to hang out with my friends. Even on the weekends, when my friends go out together and enjoy their time, I have to stay at home and study for my exams and homework. For example, my friends once went to AbuDhabi Ferrari World, which I really wanted...
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