Description Guide to Beach Safety

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Your Guide to Beach Safety
Front Page:- Red color to symbolize alertness and danger Title in dark blue font in order to contrast the background and stand out (bold and large) Slogan-contains the technique of repetition “Life”, thus emphasizing how important it is to protect yourselves from danger at the beach. It is also written in the bright color yellow, again to stand out and to manifest its significance in this brochure. A picture of children laughing, this is placed so to persuade the audience to read it and make it more attractive than plain boring text.

True Story: - Nonfiction, builds up tension. Uses first person, direct involvement of audience, allows them to empathize with the characters of the incident. (Shocking & Tense Provoking Impact) The mother uses emotional and descriptive language to describe the incident, i.e. “The water was like a whirlpool”, this is a simile used to create a nerve wrecking image of the water trying to swallow the children. It also uses hyperbole in order to heighten the tension in this passage. Adjectives were used to manifest the reaction of the children, allowing us to closely relate to them and thus get into the depth of the story. This story made use of short sentences thus increasing the pace of it, it also used commas and hyphens to allow the readers to contemplate over the text, and ponder upon the importance of beach safety.

RIPS:- Bright yellow background, attract readers to read it, show alertness. Didactic tone- straightforward instructions and pointers. (Informative) Makes use of simple language, thus allowing it to be accessible to all types of audience. Diagrams to help clarify the instructions given, good for visual learners.

Purpose of leaflet: Aware readers about the importance of beach safety. Provide us with instructions or information about rips in order to keep ourselves safe. Aware us about different flags and their meanings.
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