Describing a Waterfall

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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After the half-hour walk of hiking up the mountain with finally reached the halfway point. I looked over at my cousin to see that his shirt had turned from a light gray to a dark gray and that his face was glistening in the rays of sun that had escaped from the hands of the three-story tall green giant. The valves in my pores had seemed to be open and showering my whole body. We walked a little more towards a cliff, which was like a rocky natural balcony. The moisturefilled air made it seem like we were going to cobwebs drowning our lungs, making us take shortbreads. As we got closer and closer to the balcony a strange yet refreshing breeze opened my eyes. I realized that were standing right next to a gentle beast of a waterfall. The moisture in the air now gave me goosebumps and the breeze made the hairs on my arms stand up straight like little disciplined soldiers. I was hesitant at first to approach this beast, but then realized that it was carrying on with its own business. I stuck my hand out to greet it and I felt his overpowering force, anchor my hand down showing me his dominance. At points he hugged us giving us cold shivers and making our shirts twice as heavy as they were before. Even with all this power this beast held, I remember him as being gentle, maybe because it was daytime. Darkness always seems to make things seem more intimidating. I did not feel threatened after the initial meeting. I felt some type of soothing adrenaline rush, it was the most alive I have ever felt. It made me realize how small I really am compared to the rest of the world, but even being as small as I am, I can make a huge difference.
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