Describe How Poverty, Social Class and Culture Influence the Way People Respond to Health and Illness

Topics: Health care, Health, Public health Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: October 21, 2012
U30 (P2) Health Psychology
Describe 3 factors such as culture social class, gender, poverty and education may influence the way people respond to health and illness Poverty
Imam’s house
Individuals who are in poverty are more likely focused on the physiological l needs out of the hierarchy pyramid. My case study is sourced from BBC documentary, toughest place to be a bin man and is about a man called Imam Syaffi. Syaffi is 28 and lives in Indonesia with a monthly income of £78 by working six days a week from 6am to midnight as a rubbish collector and running extra errands for his wealthy neighbours as well as sorting and selling recycled rubbish. Imam lives in a shanty village with his wife, son and parents and their home is near to the mini landfill where Imam’s rubbish that he collects is transferred to a bigger landfill but it rarely does. Imam’s wages cover rent and small amount of food. Other luxuries are what Imam finds in the rubbish such as used shelves, mattresses and chairs. Imam’s home is a giant health hazard as the rubbish near his house causes disease and encourages mosquitoes, flies and rats to infect the village, himself and his family. However, Indonesian government don’t supply health care like in England causing Imam to risk the possibilities of catching malaria, streptobacillosis or worse. Imam’s influences on poverty make him choose to supply the physiological needs of paying rent and food than constantly supply ways to protect his and family’s health and pay expensive medical bills. Also, Imam finds it hard to provide healthcare for his family because upper classes can easily call authorities to make him unemployed if he isn’t doing his job properly if he needs to take the day off to take his wife to the hospital. However, Imam’s secret shows that he sneakily shows the upper-class that his cart is broken and unable to work by pulling out a tyre so he can take an occasional day off for the family. Also, Imam’s dedication to provide for...
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