Descartes Divisibility

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Descartes Divisibility
Rene Descartes believes that the mind and body is different things and that the body is dividable but the mind is not dividable. I’m not sure what I believe, but I think I believe at least for now that the mind and body is two different things. I will explore why Descartes thinks you can divide a body and why he thinks a mind is not dividable. As well as what Descartes response should be to Armstrong’s criticism. Was Descartes right or not? I think this is all up to the interpretation of Descartes Divisibility. There is a number of ways this may be interpreted.

I see why Descartes thinks a body is dividable because he believes that the body had mass. So if I lose any mass such as an arm or a leg, I would still have a body. It may not be a whole body with two arms, two legs and so on. Descartes believe that even though I would lose an arm or leg nothing is taken away from the mind. Which I believe he is right. I have seen what individuals can do without say an arm, or no legs. Just because I lose a part of my body doesn’t make me less of a person. There’s still ways to achieve goals or dreams with the right mind set. The mind is able to send signals to the body to help the body achieve certain challenges throughout life. The mind can make a person do amazing things but the person has to believe it is possible in order to achieve goals or dreams. So I don’t think the mind and the brain is the same but they need each other in other to work.

Descartes believes the mind is not dividable. He believes that the mind has no mass. I would have to agree the mind does not have any mass and is just housed in our body. It does the thinking for our body and is still somewhat of a mystery. The mind which I believe to be our soul uses the body as a home. As a young child I’m taught that the soul lives on even when my body is no more. I believe the mind is a gift from God and controls the body for as long as my mind continues to...
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