Deportation: Immigration to the United States and Illegal Alien

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March 5th, 2013


Living in the land of the free or face deportation

In August 29, 1999, a young student felt the need to leave his own country to migrate in the US for a better way of living. The idea to come to America seemed to be a difficult step to take, and also very complicated at the same time. But with a democratic President in power, everyone always think the possibility to find ways to adjust their status while leaving here is a no brainer. However, once reaching the shore illegally, there’s no turning back; whoever crosses that fine line, would definitely feel the weight of the laws of this great nation regardless of who’s in power? This was my story of the way I got to the US illegally back in August 29, 1999. We boarded a Haitian Company airplane to come to the US; no one knew the outcome in advance because of the way the immigration process works. However, one thing we all had in mind, was to see the light of a different country, see different faces and hopefully find ways to stay. Once the airplane took off, words was already spread all over the office of Haiti air in Florida that the airplane left Haiti with more than 30 Haitian illegal on board. The first few 2 hours spent at the arrival office was like a discovery of a new world for every single illegal in that group. This was one of the darkest and the most memorable moment so far in all my 39 years living. Getting here at the end of the Clinton administration followed by an 8 years battle with the Immigration under the Bush-Ashcroft era, shaped my entire life forever and for the better. The different kind of treatment that I received along with the numerous denials that I have known throughout that ten years; from work permit to driver license, those moment helped me understand the pain of an illegal immigrant. Therefore, I have learned a valuable lesson and now I can pass this on to my kids so they’ll know how much pain I have to go through to finally stay here and built my life in this country. Therefore, if an immigrant is not prepared to fight, to accept hard time as they come, do not cross the border or illegally migrate in the US.

Migration is a fact of life. Some people move to new countries to improve their economic situation or to pursue their education. Others leave their countries to escape armed conflict or violations of their human rights, such as torture, persecution, or extreme poverty” (The increase). Talking about deportation laws, what are they exactly and how do they used them against illegal aliens? Over the last decade, several lawmakers have tried from time to time to address the issue of illegal immigration with little or no success. Deportation means “the formal removal of an alien from the United States when the alien has been found removable for violating the immigration laws. Deportation is ordered by an immigration judge without any punishment being imposed or contemplated.” (Deportation) An alien can be under certain procedure of the immigration process, and then would still be classified as being under deportation. As an example when an Alien is “paroled in” 212(d) (5) which means that person gets some kind of permission to come to discuss his or her case in front of a judge but, with certain limit. (Deportation).There are certain criteria the service uses to categorize every single illegal who cross the border illegally whether it’s by boat, by plane, or crossing the border from Texas, every single case has their own category. Additionally, If someone comes for humanitarian purpose, that persons can be under the removal proceeding. The deportation laws are difficult to understand and the process is somehow confusing that why it’s important for every alien who’s under deportation to seek the help of a lawyer or a representative.

That lawyer or representative will know that everyone seems to have a...
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