Demographic Transition Model

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Demographic transition
The Demographic Transition is a model created by Warren Thompson an American Demographer in 1929, and the model was designed in 4 stages (1 being low growth-4 being low growth also). The model is applied to every country in the world showing birth and death rates with natural increase. Stage 1 is a stage that no longer any country is in thanks to the agricultural revolution which occurred between 8000 B.C. through 1750 A.D. During stage one a country experiences very high birth and death rates the produce virtually no long-term natural increase. During the agricultural revolution it was the first time humans domesticated plants and animals, rather than hunting and gathering. Stage 2 occurred nearly 10,000 years after the agricultural revolution and after 1750, it began thanks to the Industrial Revolution. The industrial revolution was a major improvement in industrial technology (invention of the steam engine, mass production, and powered transport. The machines increased agriculture production, so it ended up help feeding the rapidly growing population. There were also major improvements in health and sanitation. Stage two involves rapidly declining death rates and increasingly large birth rates therefore produce a higher natural increase. Stage 3 is where countries start entering a moderate growth rate, many of the North American and European countries started entering stage 3 during the first half of the twentieth century. Many countries enter stage 3 it results from the women in their country deciding to have fewer children, also many people in stage three are located near cities rather than the countryside and also are more likely to work in shops, offices, and factories rather than on a farm. During a stage 3 the birth rates decline and the death rates to continuously decline as it was during the previous stage, the decline in both results into a moderation in natural increase. In stage 4 a country enters low growth where there is...
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