Democrats vs. Republicans

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  • Published : February 10, 2009
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Democrats vs. Republicans

In today’s society, we believe that the two main political parties of America, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, are completely different. We say that democrats are liberal and the republican are conservative – two adjectives that are complete opposites. When we actually step back and look, and the two parties and their actual positions we realize and learn that the two parties are actually very similar. Many of their positions are the same but they have different policies or they disagree on a position but the roots from where they derived their positions are similar.

Many of the positions that the parties take are quite alike, they just have different policies. For instance, take tax policies. Both parties believe that we should lower taxes. However, the Democratic Party believes we should lower taxes mainly in the middle class while the Republican Party believes we should lower taxes of all who are receiving and income. Another example is the Social Security issue. With the increase of retired people and increase in longer life spans, the social security is being drained. Both parties believe that we need to preserve and strengthen the social security program. The Republican Party though believes that it should merit bipartisanship and be made optional while the Democratic Party opposes privatizing the program, raising retirement ages, and reducing benefits. They want the repeal discriminatory laws and restore fiscal responsibility. Environment is another issue in which each party shares the same positions. Both of course believe that we need to protect and restore the environment. Yet, the Republican Party wants to focus primarily on protecting water resources while the Democratic Party wants to focus on the global environment. On final example is health care. While both parties believe that we should provide affordable health care to keep Americans healthy and having Medicare strengthened or reformed, there are...
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