Democratic Socialism

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Democratic Socialism
When the government needs to be structured to benefit its people with security and, freedom only one economic system comes to mind. Democratic socialism provides the stability of a command system with the opportunity and, the free consumer market of a market economy. This combination is most ideal for countries all around the planet.

Countries sponsor governments all over the world that take rights away of its people for in return what they call social programs and freedom but really it’s simply economic tyranny. Pure command systems fail because the government will just take from the people with nothing to show in return. Pure market systems fail due to monopoly’s that take advantage of the lack of industry regulations, one percent succeed, while the rest watch them prosper during their struggle to survive on minimum wages. If no pure command system has ever successfully been established and, the same can be said for any market economy, then clearly the answer to the best possible government economic system lies somewhere in the between command and market economy’s. Using all the benefits from both systems into one government that utilizes command system programs such as national health care and, market economy features including a free consumer market. While the producing market would be regulated by the government to prevent large monopolies from becoming established to highlight the success of small family owned business’s to create local employment. This combination of a command and market economic system allows the nations citizens to be worry free because they have social programs as insurance to sustain a comfortable life with the assurance that the economy will rise again with the stability of the government. However, in any democratic socialist mixed economy government overspending can be common if government leaders were elected without proper consideration of their possible actions in office. A study by Newsweek of...
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