Democracy Creates Stability in Society

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  • Published : August 22, 2009
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Stability in society is caused by a few factors. It requires a stable economy, good governmental ruling and a society which is socially shares a strong bond. Democracy, in order to create the overall feat of stability in society has to contribute to these individual factors first. Firstly, let us look at how Democracy gives a good governmental ruling. In both Direct and Indirect Democracy, as everyone is given the freedom to vote, they would tend to vote for the political party which they think can fulfill their needs better as compared to other opposing parties. Democracy leads to good governmental policies and ruling of the whole society as the government chosen would be most probably appropriate for the society based on the society’s views. An example would be the People’s Action Party in Singapore for whom the people have voted to govern them. This would be better as compared to cases whereby dictatorship occurs and they people of the society do not get a government which they would want to rule them. Also, democracy allowing the people to express their opinions about certain issues enables the government to be able to be aware of the possible problems and implement policies for it, leading to good governmental rule in that society. However, in terms of economy Democracy may not necessarily lead to great economic development. Democratic governments have a limit to how much they can oppress economic contributing factors like predation. Dictatorships usually have a better control over their people; only allowing them to promote factors which they think would grow their economy. However, Democracy leads to a situation whereby the economic growth cannot be totally enforced by the government onto the people as everyone is supposed to have equal rights, not necessarily promoting the economical growth. Democracy, regardless of being direct or indirect, both share a similarity that everyone should have the freedom to vote the government they want to rule them. Also,...
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