Demerits of Multilingualism to National Development in Africa

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HACKING AND CRACKING ARE BOTH UNETHICAL A CASE TO SUPPORT OR DISAGREE Ethics is a set of moral principles that govern the behavior of a group or individual. Therefore, computer ethics is set of moral principles that regulate the use of computers. Some common issues of computer ethics include intellectual property rights (such as copyrighted electronic content), privacy concerns, and how computers affect society. For example, while it is easy to duplicate copyrighted electronic content, computer ethics would suggest that it is wrong to do so without the author's approval. And while it may be possible to access someone's personal information on a computer system, computer ethics would advise that such an action is unethical. As technology advances, computers continue to have a greater impact on society. Therefore, computer ethics promotes the discussion of how much influence computers should have in areas such as artificial intelligence and human communication. As the world of computers evolves, computer ethics continues to create ethical standards that address new issues raised by new technologies. Hacking is unauthorized use of computer and network resources are the words used by Wikipedia in describing hacking. In recent years though, with easier access to multiple systems, it now has negativeimplications. In view of this I support the notion that hacking and cracking of computer software are both unethical.

Hacking is a felony in most other countries. When it is done by request and under a contract between an ethical hacker and an organization, it's ok. The key difference is that the ethical hacker has authorization to probe the target. A Worldwide Problem Software piracy is defined as the illegal copying of software for commercial or personal gain. Software companies have tried many methods to prevent piracy, with varying degrees of success. Several agencies like the Software Publishers Association and the Business Software Alliance have been formed to combat both worldwide and domestic piracy. Software piracy is an unresolved, worldwide problem, costing millions of dollars in lost revenue. Clear from the definitions mentioned above that there is a controversy that encounters the judgment and definition of hacking, controversy aroused because it’s hard to decide exactly what the aim is behind hacking or how to know the mentality of the hacker. That’s why the ethics and motivation of hackers should be paid attention and discussed then understanding the hacker will be much easier.

After the invention of CD-ROM, which until lately was uncopyable, most software companies stopped placing copy protection in their programs. Instead, the companies are trying new methods of disc impression. 3M recently developed a new technology of disc impression which allows companies to imprint an image on the read side of a CD-ROM. This technology would not prevent pirates from copying the CD, but it would make a "bootleg" copy differ from the original and make the copy traceable by law enforcement officials (Estes 89). Sometimes, when a person uses a pirated program, there is a "virus" attached to the program. Viruses are self-replicating programs that, when activated, can damage a computer.

The distribution and use of cracked copies is illegal in most countries. There have been lawsuits over cracking software. Hacking is certainly illegal when the sole purpose is to pirate the software. However, there are often other reasons. I have hacked computer games that I have bought so many times and wrote to the software developer why I hacked the software. It is really annoying when companies add bugs to their software. From contractual perspective, the software companies are exploiting customers. When you buy a software, you have no choice but to agree to every term of the license print in small font. It is...
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