Delusion of Poverty

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Poverty and Progress: Are we suffering from delusion of poverty?

It is indeed that most Filipino today suffers from delusion of poverty which is a false belief of a person that he or she is impoverished or will be deprived of material possessions or a person’s mindset the he strongly believes that he is financially incapacitated.

Many people will use the excuse of this is the way I was born or this is my environment and I cannot change it.  Through these statements it shows that most of the time it is because of your own mindset the reason you are where you are today.  We have all heard, you are where you are today because of what you did yesterday.  If you didn’t change or plan ahead yesterday, then you can expect today to be different until you change.  A poverty mindset can manifest itself in a lack of vision for the future.  You end up stuck in a financial rut, perhaps working a job that barely meets the financial needs of your household. When you lack vision, it’s hard for you to believe that God would give you an idea to take your household to prosperity.  And if God does give you a big idea, you either will not follow-up on it, or you will find a way to sabotage it.  Your poverty mindset keeps you stuck where you are. If a person feels less than others then he will not feel deserving.  If he does not feel deserving, his life is based on desperation and wanting, rather than from joy and abundance.  If one feels abundant, he will have abundance.  If one feels desperate and wanting, he will expand the poverty in his life.

Wealth or poverty is something that resides within. Poverty is a state of mind and about perspective not always about money. It is a fear of never having enough. To break that state of mind we have to make different choices and unblock the shackles that have been placed on our minds by our parents and the society around us. Our beliefs about how the world works is passed down from generation to generation. If your parents have a...
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