Delphic Oracle Essay

Topics: Apollo, Delphi, Python Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: May 24, 2013
In classic Greek beliefs, Delphi was the site of the sacred Delphic oracle. This oracle played a major role in Greek mythology and society influencing Apollo, oracular and godly worship and political decisions.

During the 8th century B.C, Delphi was the site of the most cherished and influential Delphic oracle in all of ancient Greece located on the foot of mount Pamassus, Greece. Societies believed the oracle had special powers that enabled the priestess Pythia to speak through it and tell prophecies when asked questions. Thousands of ancient Greeks traveled to the temple of Apollo where the oracle was located in search for answers for any question wether it be a personal issue or a social issue. The priestess of the temple of Apollo talked through the oracle to an old woman who had to be of blameless life chosen by the peasants of the area who would give the answer to the person asking the question. The answers she gave were incomprehensible left for a person to interpret their own meaning of the prophecy.

The role of the Delphic oracle in Greek mythology was very important due to the myth it followed of Apollo. Apollo, the god of Prophecy known as an oracular god who was the only god who could prophesy the will of Zeus and influence mythology so greatly, influenced the Delphic oracles importance. The Greek societies believed Apollo was born on the island of Delos, and still a boy when he travelled to the island of Delphi to succeed in his first task of achievement, which was killing the python, that lived there. The temple had originally belonged to the oracle of the earth goddess Gaia; a python, which Apollo killed that guarded the site. Apollo stole the python oracle there and took control of the temple, which was and still is known, as the temple of Apollo in Delphi.

The Delphic oracle also known as the oracle of Apollo played an important role of worship in ancient Greece. The oracle was the most respected oracle in all of Greece, this played a...
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