Dell's Business Model

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Business Model
In our global business environment of varied cultures, we've got to go beyond simply following the law — we must act with integrity. Dell Ethics and Compliance program provides specific details of how to continuously achieve this goal. We must act legally and ethically to create a common denominator of trust within and across cultures, and to create a solid foundation to ensure sustainable business success. Our focus is on three key components: culture, compliance and credibility. Continuous attention to our code of conduct, and to the policies and procedures that flow from the code, helps us set behavioural expectations for our employees and our business partners so that we can maintain focus as we anticipate upcoming challenges in our evolving business environment. Compliance with Laws and Rules:

Dell’s Compliance is about adhering to the local laws throughout our global business and to the internal rules defined in our code of conduct. Effective and aligned compliance programs are even more important during times of economic uncertainty. Now, our shareholders and our stakeholders expect us to run our operations profitably, safely, legally and ethically.  The Global Ethics and Compliance Office helps our business leaders identify actual current and future ethics and compliance risks so that we can develop and implement right-sized program activities, maximizing effectiveness and ensuring business strategy alignment. Credibility with Stakeholders:

Dell’s Credibility is about making sure our customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders know and recognize Dell’s commitment to ethical and legal behaviour. By binding our ethics and compliance efforts to our overall business goals, we strive to inspire trust and aspire to be a role model in the business world. Business Ethics Leadership Alliance:

In December 2008, Dell was invited by the Ethisphere Institute to help launch the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA) as a charter...
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