Delegation and Control

Topics: Feed-forward, Control theory, Management Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: March 11, 2011

1.1As a manager, I would need to consider the three major control types to use. Based on timing, Feedforward, concurrent and feedback are the main types of control. •Feedforward control - To maintain adequate control over manufacturing, it is very important to ensure that all the inputs of microchips, like raw silicon, are used in regulation and all the standards required by the computer manufacturer are met. This will bring out satisfactory outputs from the whole manufacturing process, thus ensuring adequate control. Feedforward control helps avoiding problems rather than finding solutions for them later on. If all the inputs (e.g., materials, labour, finances and time) are used effectively, the manufacturing will possibly stay under control. •Concurrent control – This type of control occurs when the manufacturing is in progress. While manufacturing microchips, it is really important to understand all the steps involved and their relationship to the desired quality of end product. Concurrent control or screening often has checkpoints where decisions are made on continuing progress, taking corrective action, or stopping work altogether. For example, in the wafer fabrication step, microchip manufacture requires that the wafers are constantly tested for thickness, resistance and width. This helps in reducing the possibilities of faulty outputs. •Feedback control - This control focuses more on the productivity of the organization after transformation is complete. It is usually used when feedforward and concurrent controls are not workable or are too expensive. Feedback control has two advantages over feedforward and concurrent control. First, feedback offers managers with significant information on how successful its planning effort was. If feedback indicates little variance between standard and actual performance, this is evidence that planning was generally on target. If the deviation is great, a manager can use this information when formulating...
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