Delay In Civil Suits

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  • Published: October 1, 2013
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One of he most difficult and burning problems in administration of civil justice is of delay. The delay can be addressed from two side’s namely compulsory delay and intentional delay. Compulsory delay is caused due to our age old legal system and intentional delay is caused by the persons who are instrumental in administration of justice and more specifically the lawyers and parties to the suits. three classes of people may be mainly responsibility for delay in disposal of cases. They are court staff, lawyers and judges. In criminal cases, however, investigating officers may also be responsible for the delay. Although judges cannot perform their functions without the active co-operative of court staff and lawyers. They can eliminate delays in the disposal of class by effective supervision of the functions of the court staff and by checking delaying tactics of lawyers. Delay in justice is a important factor undermining public confidence in the judiciary which is crucial to judicial independence and accountability. Although speedy trial is a Constitutional right in Bangladesh, our domestic legislation as well as procedural laws are outdated and not cooping with the increasing volume of cases which failed to meet the present needs of the society. The facilities in respect of management of courts are not adequate.        Necessary Doctrinal Concept:

“Justice delayed is justice denied”

'Justice delayed is justice denied' is a very common adage in the judicial domain. It is one of the most burning problems in the administration of justice. This system of justice is so ambiguous and miserable for the mass people that it cannot be explained in a word. There are many instances that poor people who went to court to address their grievances after selling off their lands and property to meet the expenses of the court, but did not get justice in their lifetime. At present, the only demand of mass people is the speedy approach to justice. Certainly 'speedy approach to...
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